MAPRJ - Editorial Board


Dr. S. Rizvi, Fort Lauderdale, USA.
Ph.D (Chemistry)., Ph.D (Pharmaceutics)., M.S., M.B.A., M.Sc.
Assistant Professor,
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
College of Pharmacy,
Health Professions Division,
Nova Southeastern University.
Research Domain: natural product chemistry, analytical chemistry, micro and nano-technology for drug delivery, controlled release formulations, solid state chemistry of drugs and organic chemistry.


Dr. LV Lishuang, Nanjing, China / herbal medicine and functional foods.

Editorial Board Members (International)

Dr. PR Polepally, Mississippi, USA / isolation, synthesis and development of bioactive natural products
Dr. JO Fajemiroye, Mississippi, USA / synthesis of oleanolic acid analogs and their pharmacological assays
Dr. E Alam, Helwan, Egypt / plant physiology, production of secondary metabolites from wild medicinal plants
Dr. S. Vats, Rajasthan, India / antioxidant activity, plant bioactive compounds and antimicrobials