RJPPS - Editorial Board


Prof. Mario Giorgi, Pisa, Italy
Pharmacology and Toxicology Division,
Department of Veterinary Sciences,
University of Pisa. 
Research Domain: Development and alidation of analytical methods to detect drugs in different matrices, Pharmacokinetics / Pharmacodynamic studies in animals species.


Dr. Tomasz Tuzimski, Lublin, Poland / food chemistry and medicinal Chemistry
Prof. Satyanand Tyagi, New Delhi, India / pharmaceutical chemistry.
Dr.S. Rizvi, Fort Lauderdale, USA / natural product chemistry, micro and nano-technology for drug delivery, controlled Release Formulations, solid state chemistry of drugs

Editorial Board Members (International)

Dr. Prof. Rowa’ Al Ramahi, Nablus, Palestine / drug utilization evaluation, drug compliance studies, pharmacoepidemiology and outcome research, drug safety and adverse drug events
Dr. Maria Rosana Ramirez, Conicet -Incitap, Argentina / biochemistry, pharmacology and pharmacognosy.
Dr. Heba Kamal Ashour, Alexandria, Egypt / pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry.
Dr. Akif Hakan Kurt, Kahramanmaras, Turkey / investigation of new cancer drugs.