IJBFS - Editorial Board


Prof. Xiangkai Li, Lanzhou, China.
Cuiying Distinguish Professor,
MOE Key Laboratory of Cell Activities and Stress Adaptation,
School of Life Science, Lanzhou University.
Research Domain: application and mechanism of plant biofortification, application and mechanism of phytoremediation, using model system to evaluate transgenic plants.


Prof. Fa-De Li, Shandong, China / agricultural product and food processing engineering.
Prof. Dr. Cínthia Hoch Batista de Souza, Londrina, Brasil / food technology.
Prof. Dr. Quan-Sheng Qiu, Lanzhou University, China / plant physiology.
Dr. Camelia UNGUREANU, Bucharest, Romania / antimicrobial effect and biotechnology.

Editorial Board Members (International)

Prof. Dr. Fabiane Picinin de Castro C, Paraná, Brasil / cheese whey; dairy products; probiotics and prebiotics.
Dr. Tomasz Tuzimski, Lublin, Poland / food chemistry and medicinal chemistry.
Dr. Yingmei Zhang, Lanzhou University, China / environmental zoology, genetic toxicology, ecotoxicology.
Dr. Ziad W. Jaradat, Irbid, Jordan / biotechnology and microbiology.
Dr. Mayukh Sarkar, Chicago, USA / molecular and cell Biology, microbiology and biochemistry .
Dr. Lishuang LV, Nanjing, China / herbal medicine and functional foods.
Dr. Idress Hamad Attitalla, Al-Bayda, Libya / microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology.
Dr. AH Kurt, Kahramanmaras, Turkey / cell culture, investigation of new cancer drugs and sex hormones.
Dr. Eshrat Halim, Ottawa, Canada / stem cell research, medicinal chemistry and drug design.
Dr. André Rodrigo Rech, São Paulo, Brazil / ecology of plant reproduction, honey production.
Prof. Adosraku Kwame, Kumasi, Ghana / Phyto-analytical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, phyto-nutrients.
Dr. Akagbuo Nwauzoma, Port Harcourt, Nigeria / identification and characterization of candidate genes.
Dr. Sherin Amin Mahfouze Afifi, Giza, Egypt / Plant Viruses, Biotechnology, Genetics.
Dr. Winny Routray, Quebec, Canada / Food Engineering and Post Harvest Engineering.
Dr. Lee Chee Keong, Penang, Malaysia / Renewable energy, solid state fermentation and enzyme technology.
Prof. Adosraku Reimmel K, Kumasi, Ghana / Phyto-analytical Chemistry, phytonutrients and Biopharmaceutics.
Dr. Akagbuo BN, Port Harcourt, Nigeria / Indentification and Characterization of Candidate Genes.
Dr. Sherin Amin Mahfouze Afifi, Giza, Egypt / Plant Viruses, Biotechnology and Genetics.
Dr. Gustavo Molina, São Paulo, Brazil / Fermentation process and Industrial microbiology.